Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am joyfully awaiting my first payment from my first customer, who ordered 2 tees with doggies on them!  Though they are simple stencils, the potential buyer is thrilled.  I say potential only because the sale has not been finalized yet. 

I've started an Etsy store, containing one shirt for now.  I'm working on a few more to add to the store, and maybe someone will like them and buy them.  All I want to do is make some extra cash for Christmas.  My shirts make a great gift!!!

So that was just a quicky update.  The kitty quilt is almost finished, still needs it's binding and lable and it'll be all set :)

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  1. You have some interesting designs. I think it's great for cat lovers. Do you have a price list for the items or it is individualized?